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A letter to Sonia Sae

Dear Sonia,

First, we would like to commend your efforts to promote veganism and the respect of animal welfare. It is a fight we are also undertaking every day and we know how hard it is. 

We have heard about you little fennec “pet” and obviously we are not here to judge you, as we don’t have all the elements in our hands. Since you are an animal lover, you will first agree that having a wild animal as a pet is not a good thing. You are the only one who really knows how you happened to adopt him, but even if it was a rescue, it is always preferable to entrust this kind of animals to a wildlife rescue center. Wild animals are not made to be pets, even when they appear to be very affectionate. Fulfilling their biological needs is not an easy task. This is how we come to Jumanji’s diet. All animals have specific needs that are related to their species and cannot be changed by humans. I am sure you are aware of the natural diet of a fennec, mostly made of rodents, insects, birds, rabbits and eggs. Giving Jumanji a vegan diet is not antispeciesism, it is anthropomorphism as you are expecting a fennec to be able to adapt to a diet that is tolerated by humans. We, as humans, are capable of being perfectly healthy on a vegan diet because we have sufficient knowledge of the nutritional intake for all food products in relation to our needs, and because we have created substitutes adapted to our species. 

I read that your fennec has health issues related to a skin condition. However, giving him a vegan diet can only worsen the problem or even be the cause. You risk nothing to try to change Jumanji's diet by an omnivorous one, really adapted to its species. If it’s too hard for you to imagine giving meat to your pet, then you need to place him in a sanctuary. Having an animal to care for is a great responsibility that requires the person, even when vegan themselves, to accept the fact it might require eating meat depending on its species. Respecting every species needs is part of the work of an animal rights activist.

Please Sonia, I know you feel like you are being unfairly attacked, but your love for animals has led to animal cruelty accusations, obviously the worst allegations that could be made against you. If you make the right decision today, you will show a better image of animal advocates and you will save your fennec from possible sequelae. . 

We hope that you will take specialists advices into consideration before it is too late. Don't hesitate to come back to us if you have any question.

All the best to you and little Jumanji

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